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Personalized Approach

At Black Goose Chimney Sweep, Inc. we are dedicated to providing the best workmanship, products and customer service. From chimney sweeping and masonry repairs to stove installations and expert troubleshooting- we can do it all!

Excellence and Professionalism

Black Goose Chimney Sweep, Inc. has been offering high quality chimney products and services for over 30 years. We serve Central/Southwest Virginia, including the cities of Roanoke, Lynchburg, Bedford, Salem, and the counties of Roanoke, Montgomery, Bedford, Botetourt, Campbell, Amherst, Appomattox, Franklin, and surrounding counties. We are committed to being the very best at all things related to chimneys.

Insured and Guaranteed

Black Goose Chimney Sweep, Inc. is a fully insured and licensed Virginia contractor. We are members of and support the efforts of: the Better Business Bureau, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, CSIA MACA and the Virginia Association of Chimney & Hearth Professionals. All of our technicians, installers and service personnel are factory (industry?) thoroughly trained and maintain national CSIA certifications. We are easily the most trusted chimney and hearth service professionals in Central-Southwest Virginia. Accordingly we will only contract work, which complies with the International Residential Code, NFPA-211, NFPA-31, and NFPA-54. Our affiliation with MACA, Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association.

Our Expert Crew

Black Goose Chimney Service

John Briscoe:
CSIA Sweep # 2511
CDET # 1207
NFI # 177961
CSIA Master Sweep #60
CCP Master Sweep #207

Ben Briscoe | Black Goose Chimney Service

Ben Briscoe: 
Lead Technician
CSIA sweep # 9857
Chimney Specialist # 29
CDET # 1210
CCP Master Sweep #210

Richard Morris | Emmeline Craig

Richard Morris
Certified Technician
CSIA Sweep # 10252

Howard Renfro | Black Goose Chimney Service

Howard Renfro:
Certified Technician
CSIA Sweep #10948

Noah Mayo | Black Goose Chimney Service | Chimney Sweeps

Noah Mayo:
Certified Technician
CSIA Sweep #1115

Mason Jones | Black Goose Chimney Services | Chimney Sweep

Mason Jones:
Apprentice Sweep

Josh Ransome | Black Goose Chimney Service | Apprentice Sweep

Josh Ransome:
Apprentice Sweep

Travis MacDougall | black Goose Chimney Service | Apprentice Sweep

Travis MacDougall:
Sweep Apprentice

Donavin Downey | Black Goose Chimney Service | Apprentice Sweep

Donavin Downey:
Sweep Apprentice

Justin Haupt | Black Goose Chimney Service | Apprenice Chimney Sweep

Justin Haupt:
Sweep Apprentice

Anna Hayes: 

Office Manager

CSIA Sweep #9604

Rebecca Dillon

Rebecca Dillon: 

Customer Service Representative

Sam Brown | Black Goose Chimney Service

Sam Brown:
Warehouse Manager


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