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4 Reasons Why you Have a Stinky Chimney | Black Goose Chimney Services

4 Reasons You Have a Stinky Chimney

4 Reasons Why You Have a Stinky Chimney and What to Do About It Fireplaces and chimneys add warmth and both financial and aesthetic value to your home, other times you end up with a stinky chimney for a number of reasons, especially during the warm months. A stinky chimney can be more common during

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Signs YOu Need a Chimney Liner | Black Goose Chimney Service

Signs You Might Need a New Chimney Liner

Your chimney liner and chimney work together to protect your Central Virginia home and family safe while you’re enjoying the warmth of a fireplace. The chimney liner is a critical safety component protecting the masonry from the high heat and flames from the fireplace. Damage to the Chimney Liner When the chimney liner is damaged

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7 chimney problems to Look for in Chimney Damage | Black Goose Chimney Service

7 Common Chimney Problems to Watch Out For

Many homeowners assume chimneys can function properly with little to no maintenance. Unfortunately, a lack of chimney inspections along with inadequate chimney maintenance and repairs can open up your chimney to many problems posing a danger to you and your loved ones. Here are some common chimney problems to watch out for. Creosote – Build

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Prepare for a Chimney Sweep | Black Goose Chimney Service

4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for a Chimney Sweep

4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for a Chimney Sweep A fireplace is a place where happy memories are made and you stay warm through the winter. Fireplaces also need to stay clean and be inspected yearly to be kept in good working order. Our chimney sweeps will inspect and clean your chimney so

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Chimney Swifts | Black Goose Chimney Service

There are Chimney Swifts in My Chimney, What Do I Do?

Chimney Swifts in Central Virginia If see the fast-moving birds late in the afternoons and early evenings in the summer you know about chimney swifts. If you have heard the sounds of baby birds chirping coming from your chimney, you probably have chimney swifts. If you are hearing birds chirping, there is a good chance

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