Wood Burning Fireplaces for Your Home

If you are having a new home built or an existing home restored speak with us at Black Goose Chimney Service about the chimney construction. While building contractors know everything there is to know about home building, they may not hold the necessary certifications to construct a chimney and fireplace.

We understand that the most important purpose of the chimney is to vent the byproducts of combustion out of your home without causing any damage to your home.

All of our sweeps have been trained and certified by the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) on the best practices, and methodologies for building a fireplace and chimney. Our technicians know how to build a chimney and fireplace based on a numerous factors to provide the safest fireplace and chimney possible for your home.

Black Goose Chimney Sweep, Inc. is a fully insured and licensed Virginia contractor. Accordingly we will only contract work, which complies with the International Residential Code, NFPA-211, NFPA-31, and NFPA-54.

High quality wood burning fireplaces for over 30 years.

Black Goose Chimney Service serves Central/Southwest Virginia, including the cities of Roanoke, Lynchburg, Bedford, Salem, and the counties of Roanoke, Montgomery, Bedford, Botetourt, Campbell, Amherst, Appomattox, Franklin, and surrounding counties. We are committed to being the very best at all things related to chimneys.

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