Chimney Safety

Black Goose Chimney Sweep, Inc. Offers High Quality Chimney Construction and Chimney Safety

When it comes to chimney safety, surprise costs can be no fun. Often chimney issues get missed, overlooked or misunderstood by professionals who work with home construction, home sales and home inspections.

Black Goose Chimney works with Contractors, Realtors and Home Inspectors to provide the best in chimney safety for homeowners.

Serving Central and Southwest Virginia in Lynchburg, Bedford, Roanoke and the surrounding areas.

Black Goose Chimney Sweep, Inc. is a fully insured and licensed Virginia contractor. Our expertise and licensing gives us a solid foundation to work closely with the following groups to ensure all things chimney are addressed and working properly for your clients.

  • Home Builders and Contractors
  • Home Inspection Companies and professionals
  • Real Estate Agents, brokers and firms
  • Home Restoration Companies

All of our technicians, installers and service personnel are thoroughly trained and maintain national CSIA certifications. We are the most trusted chimney and hearth service professionals in Central-Southwest Virginia.

Accordingly we will only contract work, which complies with the International Residential Code, NFPA-211, NFPA-31, and NFPA-54.C

We serve Realtors, Contractors, Home Inspectors and Home Restoration companies throughout Central/Southwest Virginia, including the cities of Roanoke, Lynchburg, Bedford, Salem, and the counties of Roanoke, Montgomery, Bedford, Botetourt, Campbell, Amherst, Appomattox, Franklin, and surrounding counties. We are committed to being the very best at all things related to chimneys.


Chimney Safety Consulting Services for Realtors and Home Inspectors

With 20% of house fires resulting from faulty chimneys, chimney safety is a big concern. Chimney use is often taken for granted. Unless your chimney is producing bad smells, sparks or blowing smoke into the house most homeowners tend to overlook chimney maintenance.

Many professionals working in various aspects of the home industry also tend to make certain assumptions about chimney maintenance.  For example, while home inspectors are experts in their field, we often see a home inspection which misdiagnosed or missed altogether chimney issues. In some cases those issues leave a fireplace unusable or reveal deeper issues including water intrusion, structural degradation, or evidence of an SOE (earthquake, chimney fire, lightning strike etc..)

Chimney Consulting & Safety | Black Goose Chimney Service
Chimney Safety for Contractors

Chimney Safety Consulting for Home Builders and Home Restoration Companies

Licensed home builders that specialize in building new homes are experts in building homes. Yet, there are specific things that can be done when it comes to chimney construction which can add value and extend the life of a chimney.

At Black Goose Chimney, we are experts in all things chimneys and chimney construction. We offer consulting services to give your Building, Construction or Home Restoration Company the ability to bring the best in chimney construction to your projects.

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