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6 Reasons Why Spring and Early Summer are the Best Time to Have a Chimney Inspection

Winter has given way to spring and the chimney or wood stove you had been using frequently is sitting idle and being used to hold coffee cups throughout the day.

Spring and summer are the best times to have a chimney inspection and cleaning as well as having any chimney repairs done. Your fireplace and chimney may look just fine from the outside but there may be a lot happening on the inside which will affect how well your chimney works and the overall safety of your home.

Taking routine care of your chimney just after winter, rather than waiting for the next fall will give you plenty of time to address and repair any problems you may have in your chimney.

Read on for more on reasons why spring and early summer are the best time to get your chimney inspected and cleaned.

Fire Safety

With over 20% of home fires being caused by chimney issues, having a yearly chimney inspection and cleaning will reduce the risk of a house fire from chimney issues. Creosote can build up in a chimney which can be flammable and play a role in chimney fires if there is too much build up. Having your chimney inspected and swept regularly will keep your family safe from home fires.

Keep Your Chimney Animal Free

In Virginia, chimney swifts nest on vertical surfaces and will make their nests in chimneys. They are listed as an endangered species so extra care has to be taken in their removal should these birds make your chimney their home.

Other fuzzy critters such as Squirrels and Raccoons have been known to take shelter or at least make a mess in chimneys. A chimney Cap and Crown is the solution to keep animals from making your chimney their home.

How Do I Know if I have Animals in my Chimney?

You will know if you have animals if you experience any of these things listed below.

  • Noises such as fluttering, chirping (in the case of chimney swifts) or similar noises for other critters. Squirrels and Raccoons have been know to take shelter in chimneys.
  • Debris falling into the fireplace
  • Animal droppings in your fireplace
  • While it is very unusual for animals to get into a house from a fireplace, this would be a giveaway that there are animals in your chimney

Keep Your Chimney Odor Free

If you notice any odors or smells coming from your chimney in the spring and summer months, chances are it needs to be cleaned and inspected. Getting your chimney a regular inspection and cleaning will also go a long way to keeping your chimney odor free.

Damaged Brick, Chimney Flue, Lining and More

Paying attention to your chimney in the spring and summer months can make sure you get any issues with water leaks, damaged bricks and flashing, damaged chimney liners, chimney flu issues and more addressed before the rush in the fall comes. Taking this time now will also allows time to make decisions about getting any needed repairs done and in place before the next winter season.

Chimney Sweep Availability

The last but definitely not least reason why you should get your chimney inspected and cleaned in the spring is the availability of chimney sweeps are greater in the spring and summer than in the fall. While scheduling your inspection in the spring and summer is not quite ‘slow’ you will have less of a wait to get your chimney inspected and cleaned during the spring.

Being proactive about chimney maintenance will not only keep your fireplace and chimney in good working order but will also keep your home and family safe from potentially life-threatening situations, like fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Give yourself the ease of mind you need to enjoy a warm crackling fire as the seasons turn chilly this coming fall and winter by making chimney maintenance a priority this spring and summer!

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