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5 Signs You May have had a Chimney Fire

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, CSIA, there are over 25,000 residential fires every tear causing in excess of 125 million in property damage.

Chimney fires can cause a lot of damage in your chimney, resulting in costly repairs. Chimney fires can reach very high temperatures, can go unrecognized by homeowners, and can be dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Some chimney fires can create noises sounding like a jet engine, create large amounts of smoke or unusual smells while, other chimney fires are not so obvious, and are very slow burning and can often go unnoticed.

Chimney fires can cause damage to the masonry, chimney flue, chimney lining and to the cap and crown. Having regular Chimney inspections can prevent chimney fires.

Here are 5 Signs you May have had a Chimney fire:

  1. Warping in the metal in your flue, lining or smoke chamber of your chimney.
  2. Cracked tiles, missing tiles in your flue or flue tiles with large chunks missing.
  3. Warped, discolored chimney caps.
  4. ‘Puffy’ or ‘honeycombed’ creosote along your chimney.
  5. Pieces and chunks of creosote found on your roof, yard or otherwise outside your roof

Not all chimney fires result in a home fire but just about all chimney fires do cause damage to chimneys which if left unaddressed will create a higher risk for damaging and even life-threatening home fires.

A chimney inspection by a certified chimney sweep is the best way to prevent residential chimney fires. Getting your chimney inspected as soon as possible will insure your chimney is in good working order and any issues with you chimney are caught before you have a chimney fire.

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