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5 Benefits of a Chimney Cap for your Chimney

For homeowners with fireplaces and chimneys, chimney caps are seldom the focal point but they are an important part of chimney health. Chimney caps bring many benefits and can prevent problems from happening in your chimney.

Being able to enjoy your fireplace all winter long is important and having a chimney cap can help ensure you get to do so.
Black Goose Chimney Service is your chimney cap experts and we can install your chimney cap today. Get started with an inspection today!

What is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney Cap Repairs and Lightning rod
Chimney Cap & Crown with Lightening Rod Attachment

Before we go into the benefits of having a chimney cap and Black Goose Chimney Service needs to install yours, it is important to first understand what it actually is.

Many homeowners with fireplaces often don’t know about all of the chimney parts, what they do and how they can benefit their chimney and their ability to enjoy their fireplace easily year after year. (And one more reason why we recommend an annual chimney inspection.) A chimney cap is not the same thing as a chimney crown or chase cover. A chimney cap is located at the very top of your chimney and is a metal structure that covers the opening on top.

A chimney crown and chase cover both sit on top of and cover the bulk of the top of your chimney. Obviously, there still obviously has to be an opening for smoke to come out of, and that is where the chimney cap sits. Chimney caps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to match the chimney and home exterior.

Now, here is why they’re important and what they provide for your chimney and home.

Benefits of Chimney Caps

The benefits of chimney caps can range from moisture protection to animal invasion prevention with many other benefits in between. Below, we’ll take a look at the biggest reasons why your chimney should feature a chimney cap.

Prevent Water Intrusion

Moisture in any form is one of the biggest issues for chimneys. When moisture has any easy path into your chimney, multiple problems arise and chimney repair costs can reach into the thousands.

When moisture is involved, chimney brick and mortar will deteriorate faster and your chimney liner and damper can also be damaged. In addition when there is moisture intrusion, the possibility of damage to the surrounding roof and with things like mold and mildew becomes greater. A chimney cap will help keep rain water out of your chimney which will help your chimney have a longer life.

Minimize Drafts from entering Your Home

When it is cold and windy outside drafts will sneak into your home. One of the places this happens the most is in the chimney. Drafts are often an annoyance but they can lead to smoke from fires being blown back into the house.

This makes fires in your fireplace less efficient and has the added health hazard of smoke being blown back into your home.
When you add a chimney cap you eliminate the annoyance of drafts and smoke being blown into the home. Winters in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia have their share of cold windy nights. A chimney cap will give your chimney more protection and longer life.

Minimize Embers and Sparks

Fires in your fireplace make sparks and embers and those sparks and embers flow up through the chimney. These embers and sparks can come into contact with trees, your roof and other objects nearby. While it is not common for these sparks and embers to trigger fires, it’s possible and can happen from time to time. preventing chimney fires is just one benefit of chimney caps.

Installing a chimney cap can ensure and embers and sparks are contained by catching any them as they flow upwards.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Chimney

Keeping animals out of your chimney is a big issue. Animals can cause all kinds of damage in a chimney. Animals can tear up your chimney lining, masonry and get into the roof nearby. Animals will make their homes and even die in your chimney. A Chimney Cap can prevent all of this from happening.

• Birds (Including Chimney Swifts)
• Rats
• Racoons
• Squirrels
• Bats (Yes, you read right, even Bats)

The damage these fuzzy critters can do to a chimney is remarkable. The best and simplest solution is to get a chimney cap.

Eliminate Debris Build Up

When there is no chimney cap, debris can find its way into a chimney. Leaves, branches can get blown into your chimney throughout the warm season. You want your chimney to be as clean as possible so you can enjoy your chimney throughout the winter.

A Chimney Cap Installation from Black Goose Chimney Service

An incorrectly installed chimney cap can cause issues with your chimney. It won’t be able to prevent moisture, drafts and animals from entering nearly as well as a properly installed one will.

Chimneys come in different sizes, shapes and types. To fully take advantage of all the benefits of chimney caps, it must be installed correctly for your chimney. Our experienced technicians know everything there is to know about chimneys, chimney caps and how to properly install them.
That’s why it’s important that you leave chimney cap installation to the professionals. Black Goose Chimney has been providing chimney repair and chimney sweep services since 1989. Call us and get started with a chimney inspection today.

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