5 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Inspected in the Spring

5 Benefits from having your Chimney Inspected and Swept Annually

Get your Chimney Inspection in the Spring or Summer

Timing can make the difference with many things and having your chimney inspected and swept during the spring or summer is no different. Here are several reasons why you should have your chimney cleaned in the spring or summer.

  1. Chimney Sweep Schedules are busy by the fall. Having your chimney inspected and swept during the spring and summer can insure you are able to get a technician to do an inspection in a timely manner. By the time the fall arrives, our teams are booked out up to 10 days in advance and longer by the time the fall comes so, get your appointment scheduled in the spring or summer.
  2. Have any repairs done quickly. An early chimney inspection also means you can schedule any repairs quicker. Once the fall comes and everyone wants to have their chimney inspected along with  any work done on their chimney, scheduling a technician can mean long wait times.
  3. Extend the Life of your fireplace liner. The chimney liner in your fireplace is the first line of defense for house fires protecting against the high temperatures of fires. Creosote and build up will trap moisture which can cause corrosion and damage to your chimney flue.
  4. Remove any pests and obstructions. Squirrels, birds and swifts can take up residence in your chimney in the spring and summer months when the fireplace is not used as much. Getting those pests properly removed and any related repairs done quickly during the seasons where the fireplace is not being used as much.
  5. Address any structural issues and damage. In some cases the inspection reveals issues such as water leaks, damage to the masonry on the chimney, damage to the lining or other issues that may come to light from an inspection. Getting your chimney inspected and swept in the spring or summer can ensure any chimney repairs can also be done quickly.

Contact Black Goose Chimney for a dedicated technician to do your chimney inspection. Like most chimney sweeps, our team is busy during the fall and winter. So, call us and schedule your chimney inspection early.

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